*These notes come from a four week bible study at First Presbyterian Church San Angelo, Texas

Theme: Putting your faith into action

Sub-themes: Endurance, Temptation, Being Doers of the Word, Not Using Religion as a Weapon, Works Evidence Faith, Controlling Your Tongue, Do Not Show Pariality, Royal Law (love God, love people, share Jesus)

About James

  • His Greek name could also be translated as Jacob.
  • He was the half-brother of Jesus, but never took credit for this
  • He became the head of the church in Jerusalem
  • He did not initially believe in Jesus
  • He desired for faith to be put into action
  • He was very humble and described himself as a slave with Jesus as the master

Passages on James

  • Galatians 1:18-19 is the earliest scriptural reference to James. It is about Paul visiting him.
  • Acts 12:17 is Peter referencing him after leaving prison
  • Acts 15:12-17 is Peter talking about the word going out to the Gentiles and how they should not be made to follow every Jewish practice. James suggests the only requirements for the Gentiles should be to 1) abstain from immorality, and 2) not worship idols
  • Matthew 13:55 shows that doubt about Jesus was connected to his own family, James not having initially believed in him


James 1: Trials & Temptation
James 2: A Faith that Works
James 3: Taming the Tongue
James 4: Cravings
James 5: Endurance