Genesis 46: Life Begins at 130

*These notes come from Bob Deffinbaugh’s study on Genesis 46 at
  • Though Jacob was saved many years ago, he did not come to grasp the fundamentals of faith until now at 130
  • Jacob had to leave the land of promise to be with his son, which had proven to be against God’s will (going to Egypt) for his prior ancestors
  • Moses lists in his genealogy all those who will become tribe and family heads
  • Jacob and Joseph were separated for 22 years. Jacob would live another 17 years
  • Egyptians disliked shepards
  • Goshen kept the Hebrews isolated and insulated from the culture and religion of Egypt
  • Abrahamic covenant said God’s people would be a blessing to all who blessed them
    • Jacob blessing Pharoah
  • Jacob suffered because of his willfulness and foolish choices. Joseph’s suffering was undeserved
  • Great turning point in Jacob’s life, as it was a turning point for the brothers
  • All that Jacob had tried to hold onto he lost and it was only in giving up Benjamin that he gained him
  • Jacob had tried to bargain with God on the basis of his works but now he had to trust in God, making his last 17 years the happiest of his life
  • Genesis covers thousands of years and almost half of the book is devoted to Jacob (ch. 25 – 50)
  • Jacob is like most Christians – struggling to grasp faith. God chooses to accomplish His will through them, highlighting the greatness of the grace of God


*Link to study on the rest of the chapters in Genesis






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