Genesis 40: How to Get Out of the Pits

*These notes come from Bob Deffinbaugh’s study on Genesis 40 at
  • How Joseph handles the pits in his life provides us with a key ability to live in undeserved and unpleasant circumstances with faith, hope, and love
    • we must learn from Joseph the way to live life in the pits to the glory of God and for our own sanity and serenity
  • Joseph’s prison
    • under Potipher’s house ‘dungeon’
    • Egyptians believed dreams were indicative of future events
      • Joseph reminds them that interpretations of dreams belong to God
        • this informs us as to Joseph’s strong spiritual condition despite his circumstances
    • Joseph asked for no favors before his interpretation was proven true in order to prove he did speak from God and was truthful and innocent
    • Joseph was content to remain in the dungeon as long as God willed but used his circumstances to his benefit in order to help himself by God’s grace
    • The butler shared his dream on the basis of God’s ability to interpret and out of confidence in Joseph’s relationship with God. The baker, however, was motivated only by hearing the butler’s favorable interpretation
    • If Joseph had lied to the baker and given him a favorable interpretation, there would be no incentive for the man to turn from his ways and to God
    • The gospel is not our message to men, it is God’s
    • Butler forgot Joseph for two years
    • We are not told of Joseph’s reactions to his circumstances negatively, but rather offered a tale as to dealing with despair and depression
      • absolute confidence God was with him in his suffering
  • If our faith does not endure storms, what good is it?
  • Assurance that God could and would deliver him from his suffering in God’s time and way
  • In times of suffering we must endure
  • Ministering to others kept Joseph from self-pity because he did not have time
  • May God enable us to face our difficulties as from God. May we be assured that He is with us in our trial and that He will remove us in His time and in His way. And may we determine by God’s grace to minister to others in our affliction.

*Link to study on the rest of the chapters in Genesis








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