Genesis 39: From the Penthouse to Prison

*These notes come from Bob Deffinbaugh’s study on Genesis 39 at
  • Theme of suffering with lessons in temptation
  • Joseph
    • at 17 – sold into slavery
    • (13 years pass) at 30 power position from Pharoah
    • Two years after cupbearer released before he told Pharoah of Joseph
  • Joseph’s success was not achieved quickly or easily
  • Joseph’s life gave glory to God through obedience and purity
  • Parallel between Joseph’s temptation and that of Adam & Eve’s – had free reign over everything but 1 thing (tree & wife)
  • Joseph was imprisoned on Potipar’s estate, perhaps showing Potipar’s doubts of his wife’s account
  • Righteous living does not bring about an easy life, Joseph is an example of this. Had he committed adultery, he may not have ended up in prison
  • Working for Potipher
    • prepared Joseph for his important position from Pharoah
    • Prison protected him from the wife
    • Prison led to his positino with Pharoah
  • Suffering innocently is part of the normal Christian experience
  • Unlike Joseph, many of the temptations we face are not beyond our control

*Link to study on the rest of the chapters in Genesis


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