Genesis 36 & 37: Jacob, Joseph, Jealousy and Egypt

*These notes come from Bob Deffinbaugh’s study on Genesis 36 & 37 at
  • Disaster can be an instrument of salvation
  • Descendants of Esau were not to be attacked when the Israelites went after the Canaanites. This is why the generations of Esaw were documented
  • Esau changed into a very gracious man
    • God’s elect (Jacob) are not necessarily more likeable people, nor are they more gracious or kind
  • God greatly blessed and prospered Esay
  • Last section in Genesis is re God working in the lives of Jacob and his sons through instrumentality of Joseph. Joseph is the central figure but he is not the only one and it is not just his story
  • Joseph was rejected by his brothers for the authority he, the youngest, exercised over them
  • Joseph was charged with the oversight of his brothers
  • Joseph was given the rights of the firstborn after Rueben’s sin
  • Josephs’ coat was a  symbol of his authority
  • Greatest antagonism toward Joseph was from Bilhah and Zilpah’s sons
  • Joseph’s report to his father was normal and necessary as a supervisor
  • Brother’s reaction to his dream showed there was fear re him ruling over them
  • Parallel with Jesus re rejection because of father appointing him over others. Must do away with him to protect their position
  • Joseph was most likely sent to make sure no man was seeking revenge on his family for the slaughter of those who defiled Dinah
  • The price Joseph was sold for is the price Moses fixed for young slave boys
  • Sale of Joseph into slavery explains how the Israelites ended up in Egypt
  • End result of Jacob’s suffering is faith, maturity, and joy, as it will be for all Christians
  • Joseph is a study on rejection
  • To others, Joseph was an annoyance that needed to be removed, but to God Joseph was  a key part in God’s plan for salvation.
  • Joseph’s father could not save him but he would eventually save his father
  • Abram and Jacob both had to give up their sons. Abraham voluntarily and Jacob begrudgingly. Both sons were given back like Jesus.

*Link to study on the rest of the chapters in Genesis


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