Genesis 33 & 34: Safety First

*These notes come from Bob Deffinbaugh’s study on Genesis 33 & 34 at
  • We have been lulled into a false sense of security by our comfortable and easy way of life
  • Jacob put himself at the head of the group so that any harm would be done to him
  • To previal with God is to prevail with men as well
  • Esau – graciousness and forgiveness, parallel to father or prodigal son
  • Jacob seems to have gone back to his deceptions by going to Succoth instead of Seir where he promised to again meet Esau
    • Several years he stayed there
  • Jacob had religious formality but not spiritual reality
    • Isaac and Abraham built alters to God 1st, but Jacob built them last
  • Jacob’s sons proved that the trait of deceit had been passed down
  • Jacob unaware of the deceit proved again to be passive being okay with allowing the intermarriage when his own parents had shown him that did not glorify God
  • Jacob did not rebuke his sons righteously but our of fear of self-preservation. Only his sons raised the idea of morality, defending the sister

Observations on Safety

  • Jacob was never more safe (God was with him) than in those moments of perceived danger
  • Jacob was in greatest danger when he felt most secure
    • greatest danger Israel ever faced was their prosperity and felt security once possessed land
    • Israel was forced to trust in God for their needs in this land. God had to provide rain for planting unlike Egypt which had a river


  • We cannot provide safety for ourselves as safety comes only from God
  • We are most secure when following God’s word
  • Safety is not the absence of danger bu the acknowledgment of it and turning to God for protection in it
  • Times of complacency are where danger is at its greatest
  • Trials are a gift from God to strengthen our faith

*Link to study on the rest of the chapters in Genesis


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