Genesis 30: Success by Sin is Not Proof of God’s Approval

*These notes come from Bob Deffinbaugh’s study on Genesis 30 at
  • Jacob’s proposition left God free to overrule the normal course of nature in order to bless Jacob, however Jacob turned to his own manipulations in order to ensure success
    • peeled poles for pre-natal influence
    • segregate flocks
    • selective breeding to ensure strong went to Jacob
  • Jacob arrived poor and is now prosperous
  • Jacob appealed to his wives stating that their father was a cheater and treating Jacob badly
    • No mention of Laban having sons was made when Jacob arrived and we summize they came later. Jacob married to the oldest daughter would have been considered a son until others were born and he would have received the inheritance. The others were jealous of his prosperity
    • Laban seemed to not care for his daughters as much now that he had sons, making their decision to leave him easy
  • God stopped Laban’s flock from mating and it had nothing to do with Jacob’s scheming
  • Parallel between Jacob and Joseph
  • Israel was to understand their blessings were a gift from God, apart from the sin stained works of their own hands
  • We cannot work our way into heaven by our own devices. The only way to enter heaven is to recognize that we are undeserving of it
  • I wonder how many times genuine Christians foolishly conclude that the success which we experience is proof of God’s blessing and approval of our carnal and unspiritual methods. Results seem more important than righteousness

*Link to study on the rest of the chapters in Genesis


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