Genesis 29: I Led Two Wives

*These notes come from Bob Deffinbaugh’s study on Genesis 29 at
  • Jacob went to a well like Abraham’s servant did
    • Abraham’s servant went to the one women went to but Jacob went to one where cattle drank
  • Few women have been so misunderstood as Leah
    • weak eyes = tender/gentle not blind
    • going further we can conclude that her eyes are representative of her disposition
    • Rachel is characterized only by physical attractiveness
  • Contrast between Rachel and Leah
    • Rebekah is selected for Isaac on basis of divine guidance and personal qualities
    • Rachel was selected by Jacob for Jacob with no mention of personal qualities
    • Rebekah’s beauty was a bonus where Rachel’s was the essence of her selection
  • Rachel was worth the wait for Jacob
  • The deceiver gets deceived
  • Jacob learned the value of convention
  • Leah not Rachel is from whom the line of Jesus came (4th son of Leah); Levi a son of Leah provided the priestly line. Leah was buried with Jacob in the end while Rachel was buried somewhere random
  • What seems to be romantic is not always right
  • We as a culture are obsessed with beauty over character; God cared about Leah’s worth. May all of us learn to be content with ourselves as God made us

*Link to study on the rest of the chapters in Genesis


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