Lisa Bevere on Women’s Roles

“A lot of times women do not know how crucial they are to this mix with God…The truth is God needs strong sons and strong daughters.” – Lisa Bevere (1)

Women Are An Answer, Not a Problem

Before The Fall there was a problem: It is not good for man to be alone (Genesis 2:18). In answer, God took a rib from man and brought woman out of him. (2)

Majority of crimes are committed by single men…married men live 10 years longer…marriage adds to a man’s earning potential at the same level as degrees because women give a man purpose – Lisa Bevere (5)

Woman had been hidden in man as a protector of his heart. In order for Adam to learn that it was not good for him to be alone, God tasked him with the naming and pairing off of the animals. His task complete, Adam noticed there was no-one like him but different. To complete Adam, God brought out Eve and gave her feminine expression. Eve’s strength of the heart made up for Adam’s weakness in it, and Adam’s physical strength made up for Eve’s weakness in it. Together their differences made them whole, while apart they were incomplete. Women multiply what they are given, unless they are broken and then they divide because a whole multiplied by a half is less. Coincidentally, woman’s DNA is x,x where a man’s is x,y. Without Eve, Adam would not have a legacy. (2)

It is important to note that God gave Adam and Eve dominion over everything but each other when he blessed them.  The Fall messed up our relationships, making the fallen form of dominion for man domination and for woman manipulation.  The order of two being one became chaos as man began striving to rule over woman and woman, in response, began seeking his position. They became enemies and competitors, forgetting they were designed as intimate allies. Further, Adam shifted from thinking of Eve as an answer to his loneliness to blaming God for her causing him problems. (2)

” Jesus came to seek and save what was lost because everything was lost.” – Lisa Bevere (2)

When we preach the truth, we tend to only focus on where we will go after death, forgetting that in being saved our new life starts now. As Christians, we should be seeking in our everyday lives to take back all that was lost in the fall. We should be striving to make our relationships whole again by pushing away the temptations of the fallen forms of dominion because Jesus came so that we may have life more abundantly (John 10:10). When men focus on talking about and demanding submission, they cause women to feel limited. Understanding how being a woman can feel limiting is not good enough because being limited is not the truth. Women cannot be limited when they are the answer to the man’s problem of being alone. (2)

Women are not problems in any areas of life or the house of God, they are an answer. But if you believe you are a problem long enough, you start to act like one. God is looking for women that will get up every day and say, ‘you know what, there is some problem in this world that I am uniquely crafted to be an answer to. I am an answer, not a problem.’ – Lisa Bevere (2)

Society has led us to believe that men are answers and other women are problems. Confident women, however, know that the image society presents of women is not how God created them. What we do not like about women, we are not supposed to like because those characteristics (like the traits we do not like in men) were developed in The Fall. Instead of tearing our sisters down by their weaknesses, we should empower them by their strengths, uplifting them so they can overcome their fallen forms. Satan does not want women to know how powerful they are because he is afraid of the revelation that the daughters of God might bring. He is afraid that the women might partner with the men in strength to spread the word of God. Contrary to what the feminists tell us, it is not a position of strength to act like a man. Women were uniquely designed with their own strengths in feminine expression. It is up to women to reclaim and live out their strength of the heart. (2)

“God is healing his daughters so they don’t divide. He is telling them they’re necessary, wanted, lovely. He is undoing the lies. He is restructuring what it looks like to be the powerful woman He created us to be.” – Lisa Bevere (5)

A Church Divided

“The church has been divided for so long. We have the men on one side, the women on the other side. We have the Baptists on one side, and the Assembly of God on the other side. We need to stop it. We will never come into the unity of doctrine, but we will come into the unity of faith and all of us have put our faith into Jesus Christ, and so if we have put our faith in Jesus Christ then we are brothers and sisters and we need to stop being divided.” – Lisa Bevere (1)

I had a boyfriend who sought to distract me from spreading the word of God by diminishing the value of my active faith because I am a woman. Since sin divides (Romans 16:17), we broke up. Reflecting on that relationship, I realize the enemy’s efforts of trying to keep me from becoming who God has purposed me to be. The distraction, diminishing, and division were designed to destroy me, but the good news (Acts 20:24) of how Jesus Christ gained power over death with his sacrifice on the cross was my salvation. While Christ does not desire our suffering, He can use it to draw us closer to Him (James 1:2-4). I had to face a season of captivity in order to develop my strength (1). Though the destruction of my relationship divided me from a person, it also freed me of the distraction from and diminishing of my purpose, and I emerged re-made into a stronger servant of the Lord.

The enemy is trapping the church with small questions because he knows we have the big answer. He is afraid of us rising up. It is time for the church to stop wholly focusing on what they are against, and focus instead on spreading the good news of Christ. Jesus came not to tell us what he was against, but to set broken people free. God has given us the task of telling unbelievers who He wants to be to them, not what they are doing wrong. We are commissioned to speak love. No-one wants to hear what you have to say if you are not loving. Let us strive to be more like Christ.(5)

“The greatest miracle God can do on your life is teach you to love and recover what has been loved.” – Lisa Bevere (5)

Doing Relationships Right

Jesus came to save that which was lost because everything was lost. We lost the purity of our relationship with God, and we lost the purity of our relationships with one another. The world is not watching for us to be perfect, but they are watching for us to be humble. We need to live out the message of grace in our everyday lives so that the world can see us do relationships well. (5)

[We need to say to each other:] “Forgive me for the times I used my strengths to point out your weaknesses.” – Lisa Bevere (5)

We have become experts in each others weaknesses instead of in each others strengths. We try to take each other out with scripture, enforcing strict religious rule to character. We have visions of how a good Christian man and woman should be and try to mandate this and re-make our partners. Relationships were never meant to be a power struggle. They were intended as a power union. The fall is the originator of the battle of the sexes. The enemy does not want women and men in their position of strength – working together. (5)

“If you listen too long to what others say about you, then you will forget who you are. If you listen too long to the praises of people, then you will be content with the praises of people, when God is asking you to show His glory.” – Lisa Bevere (5)

God Alone Tells A Christian Woman Her Purpose

“And if the enemy can’t distract, diminish or divide, then he just destroys…see, the enemy knows that Jesus is coming back for a bride. Before the birth of Jesus, he was killing the baby boys. Now he is killing the baby girls [there are 163 million women missing off the globe from gendercide right now] because it is about the women now. He does not want the women to come alongside the men and lend their strength, and lend their voice, and remember who they are. So he is causing division, he is causing distraction, he is causing diminishing, and he is causing death.” – Lisa Bevere (1)

These “last days” that we are in are hard because they serve to make God’s people strong (1). For today’s Christian women, hardship means seeking to understand what it is to be a daughter of God. Denominations, preachers, gender movements, and relationships each seek to tell women what their roles and purposes should be in terms of relating to them, while God jealously longs (James 4:5) for women to listen to who He has purposed them to be in relation to Him. We must avoid the curse of trusting in flesh by striving instead to be blessed through trusting in the Lord (Jeremiah 17:5).

“Hardship is what refines you. Hardship is when you find out what you are made of. Hardship is when you find out where you are strong and where you are weak.” – Lisa Bevere (1)

God wants to speak to you, but He can only do so if you listen. You must give Him the time and permission to direct you by going to Him in prayer and study. When you hear a song, think of a scripture, or feel a direction, that is God speaking to you. Follow Him. He is telling you what He has purposed you to be and do. Do not fall victim to listening to others’ beliefs of  your purpose. Jesus has made you unique. Where and how you are called to live may be very different from your neighbor. You must defend your value because it is from God. God wants to marry everyone’s strengths, man and woman. He will guide you so that you are living at your best. (1)

“[God is saying] There is something so much more in you than you have ever imagined. There is something so much more in you than this world has seen, and I need you to move beyond your ability, your limits, into what I have put in your heart.” – Lisa Bevere (1)

Man’s Imposed Limits on Women Limit God From Being Fully Known

Men and women, person from person, experience Christ in different ways – as a friend, wisdom & council, healer, savior, God most high, etc. Whatever we have known Him as, He desires for us to share so that others may come to know Him in that way. Limiting the voices of women who are called to spread the truth only limits what others will know of God. (1)

“May all that the cross purchase from me gain full expression in my life.” – Lisa Bevere  (1)

We are charged to carry our cross (Matthew 16:24), but we often fail to carry all of it. If we only preach a portion of the benefits of the cross, we will only see a portion of its power. We must preach it all. The cross is a weapon and we must carry all of it into our everyday lives. We must listen to God for our purpose, not people (Romans 12:1-2), and we must be willing to give all for Him. (1)

An Attack on Gender is An Attack on God’s Image

“No-one is unnecessary, and no voice should be silenced.” – Lisa Bevere (5)

Men and women are different in just about every way – strengths desires, administering life, etc. Today’s world tells us that the only way to succeed as a woman is to displace men. We are instructed by the feminist movement to go into the world and beat them, destroy them, overcome them, when we were purposed to work alongside them by lending our own gifts to the equation. A confident woman knows that her power does not lie in acting like a man, but instead in nurturing the traits God designed in her. When men started towns, they set up brothels and saloons. It was the women who brought the churches and schools. Women give men a purpose for their labor. If women are acting like men, who will bring the purpose? (2)

“While trying to be a man, we have lost the art of what it looks like to be a woman. God is making over the image of a Christian woman. It is about being powerful and passionate. God is looking for women that will not resent the fact that they are a woman.” – Lisa Bevere (2)

It is essential that the church lift up women for their strengths because any attack on gender is an attack on God’s image. Male and female together captures God’s image (Genesis 1:27). Both genders are necessary to reflect the entirety of God, one gender does not reflect Him more than the other. (2)

In The Fall, we lost respect for each other, and we began to try and enforce behavior by tearing each other down. We started to view each other critically in terms of how we “should be” instead of by uplifting and encouraging. In relationships, it is typical to try and fix each other’s flaws – men focusing on submission, and women focusing on the little things. We cannot build relationships by focusing on each other’s weaknesses. We will only become strong by focusing on each other’s strengths. Femininity needs to be valued for the intimate access of guarding the man’s heart that women have been entrusted with. There is no more noble cause. Collectively, men and women represent the image of God, but in the male to female relationship it is said that woman is the glory of man (1 Corinthians 11:7). Women inspire awe, wonder, and splendor in the relationship because they are wired to connect relationships. (2)

“God entrusted the edge of the sword to the men to execute justice, judgment, and protection. But to the daughters he gave the flat to transfer honor and title. We are anointed to separate the men as the princes of God. We elevate, preserve, and extend life.” – Lisa Bevere  (2)

The Modern Woman

“There is a generation of daughters coming on the earth right now that understand they are designed with a purpose, and they are going to come alongside the men in strength and in fierceness.” – Lisa Bevere (1)

The modern woman was created by God for this time. Many are trying to quash her zeal, outspokenness, and grit because her fierceness is uncomfortable. She is different than other generations because she has been designed fierce so that she may rise up alongside the men in these last days and be invincible in spreading the word. (1)

“We were created for this moment. The greatest days of the church are before us.” – Lisa Bevere (5)

Grit is the “number one determination of whether somebody or something will succeed.” It is the “passion for a long term goal coupled with powerful motivation to achieve objectives,” and the “perseverance that overcomes obstacles or challenges that lie on or within an individual’s path and serves as a driving force to achieve.” Grit has “no idea how to quit,” and it keeps going when times are hard, knowing better days are ahead. It is “more important than talent or connections” and “has been a virtue since the day of Aristotle.” Today, we have a gap between hearing God’s word and worshiping Him. It is time that we mix Godly with gritty. (3) Women, as shown in labor, can endure when they know what is on the other side of endurance. (5)

Our nation is confused, and worse our church is confused by the response it should take. We are confused because we are afraid to say the truth and be labeled as judgmental. We forget that the truth is what sets people free. There is a movement of self-identification that is empowering men to act more feminine and women to act more masculine in an effort to achieve perfection. God designed us unique and healing only comes when we take our identity from God. We become whole, and more comfortable and empowered in our gender only by pursuing and worshiping Him. We are confused because we think we have gathered so much knowledge that we are more intelligent than God. We have switched from worshiping God to admiring Him. The first instance of self-identification was Lucifer, wanting to re-make himself like God. This was followed by Adam and Eve. In both instances, wanting to re-make themselves became their undoing. The modern woman knows that her power comes from her God given grit to pursue the strengths of her femininity. She also knows that her power comes by talking less about what she has done and more about what God has done in her life. (3)

Lisa Bevere asked God to confirm her writing of Lioness Arising, and in response she received a call from the Director of Special Ops Teams for Fort Bragg who had read her book and wanted copies to outfit his newest teams:

“We are not winning the war in Afghanistan because we can’t speak to the women, and if you can’t speak to the women then you can’t flip a culture,” he said. “Up until this point, we have been sending in special operative teams of men, but now we are sending in special operative women, and they are going to tell the Afghan women that they have voice and value, and they are going to tell the Afghan women why democracy will serve their sons and daughters well. They are going to take care of their minor medical needs, and they are going to deliver their babies. And the name of this special operative team is Team Lioness.”

“If the U.S. Military understands that without the involvement of women you will fight, but you will not win then it is time that the Church of Jesus Christ understands that God has always made it about one man and one woman with one heart standing together…The enemy is afraid that the men and the women will stand side by side, face to face, and they will remember that they are intimate allies and not enemies.” – Lisa Bevere (1)

“What we tolerate for others will come into our lives if we are not careful (1).” What is happening to other Christians in other countries (death) is a personal battle for men and women because we are sons and daughter of God, and the Lord is a man of war (Exodus 15:3). (1)

“Women need to be part of what God is doing in these last days because Jesus is coming back for a bride, and we need the women to show the world how to get the bride ready.” – Lisa Bevere (5)


“Develop the mindset that if you have been through hell, that there is something inside of you that the enemy is afraid of.” We need to challenge by asking, “what is so frightening about me that the enemy distracts and diminishes God’s assignment on my life, and then if he can’t distract or diminish he divides.” – Lisa Bevere (1)

You are purposed. Your voice, your life, your experiences matter. You have an intimate relationship with God that He is calling you to share. Only you know how He is calling you. Do not let the fear of how others might perceive you keep you from fulfilling your purpose.

When radically sharing your faith, you will face persecution, and the harshest will come from other Christians who have not yet faced a radical life transformation. You must be strong in your convictions and stand against unbelievers and the believers who want to silence you for their comfort. The world is not watching for you to be perfect, but it is watching for you to be humble. A radical life change means that when you misrepresent God, you are not too fearful to apologize. It is time to overcome fear and be doers of the word, not just hearers. (3)

As a Christian, you are a target for the enemy. You have been marked by God’s spirit and you can either choose to be a passive prisoner of war or a hero. When people are hard on you or circumstances come along that ambush you, what you cry out for reflects your depth of faith. God’s people must bloom under pressure, and they must stay the course. We gather our strength from being transformed by the trial, not avoiding it. (4)

“In the U.S. culture, the enemy’s number one goal is to distract you. He will distract you with entertainment. He will distract you with the unreal and the unimportant.If he can’t distract you, then what he will do is – if while I’m talking any of you feel like something is stirring inside you and you just might be a hero, he will say, “excuse me, who do you think you are?” He will try to diminish you. He will try to say he knows who you have been in the past. Well, if you have heard my opening then you know it is not about who you have been in the past because every single attack on your life up until now is about who you might be in the future, not who you have been in the past. The enemy is always attacking who you might be. He really doesn’t care about who you have been.” – Lisa Bevere (1)

ISIS calls us people of the cross, which is accurate as the cross represents our ultimate strength and power. God will use our enemies to remind us who we are. (1) God loves to make us face what we fear (2) because that is when we must lean on Him.

“God understands that when we face what we fear we become fearless. And so God will intentionally position your life to face off with that one thing that you are so afraid of and then He will bring it through. God does not anoint the areas of your life where you are strong and see Him as unnecessary. God anoints the areas of your life where you are weak so He can show Himself strong.” – Lisa Bevere (1)

Fear is limiting. You should not want to have limits. You should want to allow God to enlarge your life by allowing Him to work in you to overcome your fears. Nothing changes when we judge and do not take action. It is time for the women to awake so that they can help the men to arise and together spread the word of God (Deborah in Judges 4). It is also time for women to act when the fight is brought to them (Jael in Judges 4). God uses women. (2)

“Confident women strike when the enemy draw near. God only used the women on the battlefield for encouragement and to be the standard bearers and to give a reason for the fight. But when the enemy comes to you, you fight. You don’t call someone else.” – Lisa Bevere (2)

Ultimately, we must rid ourselves of our fears because children will either inherit God’s promises or our fears. Women must become fearless warriors of God to ensure that future generations take up the fight. (2)


Being a disciple of God is gender neutral. Both men and women are purposed by God to spread the good news and bring others to Him (1). We must choose to empower both genders in their positions of strength to fight for God (4).

“You are heroes destined to be re-made and a people invincible.” – Lisa Bevere (1)

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