Genesis 28: The Seeker is Sought

*These notes come from Bob Deffinbaugh’s study on Genesis 28 at
  • Jacob does not seem to have accepted God before Genesis 28
  • Rebekah again employs manipulation to have Jacob sent away for his safety after the blessing deception
    • Contrast to Sarah who would have told him what to do. Subtle v Direct
  • Instruction of who to marry
    • unprecedented and had not been previously given. Not prior taught that marrying Canaanites was against God’s will
    • Untimely for Jacob was 77; Esau got married when he was 40. Now years later he understands his parents grief over his marriage
  • Isaac appears to have a casual attitude toward his son’s spiritual training
  • Specific blessing of Abraham’s Covenant to Jacob given vs. deceitful one prior, showing acceptance of God’s plan
  • Jacob was not chosen because he was the hero and Esau the villian
  • Appears Esau tried to take a non-Canaanite wife to win the favor of his father after learning of this rule, but he married one of Ishmael’s descendants not understanding the line of the purse
  • Jacob’s journey of grief to Labon was the ideal time for God to break into his life
  • God promised Jacob a return

Lessons for Parents

  • Unconditional love
    • Isaac loved Esau because
      • Esau was insecure as a result
    • Rebekah loved Jacob because
  • Jacob did not receive the blessings of God that he was intended until he entered into a relationship with Him
    • life did not suddenly become good. In fact, he spent 20 years away from his family with a deceitful uncle after accepting God

*Link to study on the rest of the chapters in Genesis


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