Genesis 27: Working Like the Devil, Serving the Lord

*These notes come from Bob Deffinbaugh’s study on Genesis 27 at
  • Parents living out expectations through their children
  • Attempt of Isaac and Esau to regain the blessings of God as promised to Abraham, spoken to Isaac, and secured by Jacob


  • Urgency – Isaac old and must quickly bless Esau before his death
    • stoops to nonspiritual actions
  • Secrecy – blessings were normally given before the family, as an oral will
  • Conspiracy – pre-meditated plot to thwart the plan and purpose of God for Jacob
  • Isaac sought to further his own interests through cunning and deceit so God gave him a wife who was more skillful at manipulation and able to stop him


  • Penalty costs more than principle to those who are evil
  • Rebekah should have spoken to Isaaac about the wrong he planned to do and then leave the matter to God
  • Jacob’s lies excused sin by claiming God as his partner
  • Isaac’s senses were failing and he trusted all of them to wrongly confirm Esau’s identity


  • Isaac sought to give all to Esau and accidentally gave all to Jacob
  • Esau sought to not concern himself with spiritual matters but lost the headship of his family
  • Rebekah acted only for her son and was forever separated from him
  • Jacob did not trust God to give him what was promised and tried to take it through human means and he was cast away form the family instead of leading it
  • God is in control even when men attempt to overturn his decrees


  • Situational Ethics – doctrine of flexibility in the application of moral laws according to circumstances
  • We do not have to sin as Christians. God does not create evil in order to bring about a resulting good
  • We are responsible for our sin, not God. He allows it; He uses it, but He does not necessitate it
  • Sin always produces separation, separating people from one another
  • Our faith in God may lead us to witness, but we may use methods which are inconsistent with the gospel we proclaim. Many corrupt the truth so as to not offend. Goal may be biblical but means is wrong

*Link to study on the rest of the chapters in Genesis


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