Genesis 26: Isaac Walks in his Father’s Steps

*These notes come from Bob Deffinbaugh’s study on Genesis 26 at
  • Only chapter in Genesis devoted exclusively to Isaac
  • Similarities of Abraham and Isaac
    • Famine in early life
    • Reiteration of Abrahamic Covenant
    • Selfish deception of passing off wife as sister to Abimelech (In those days men often passed down their family names, or Abimelech could have been a position name, explaining why it appears to be the same person)
    • Abraham split from Lot because of herd conflict and Isaac split from Phillistines for the same reason, both chose peace
  • Differences of Abraham and Isaac
    • Abraham lied before there was any problem, but Isaac waited until he was approached about Rebekah
    • Sarah was taken twice and intimacy was not allowed by God, but Rebekah was not taken as Isaac’s lie was discovered
    • Isaac was neither instructed to leave or stay
  • The place of God’s people is the place of God’s presence
  • The prosperity of a godly man can easily be seen to be the blessing of God
  • Serving God does not guarantee a trouble-free life
  • We must make sure we walk a path in life we want our children to follow
  • The sin of deception was not the main sin, rather a fear and unbelief in the sovereignty of God

*Link to study on the rest of the chapters in Genesis


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