Genesis 25: The Principle of Divine Election

*These notes come from Bob Deffinbaugh’s study on Genesis 25 at
  • God knows who is going to do what and on the basis of his prior knowledge selects the person who will do as He desires
  • Abraham’s 2nd wife was most likely a concubine who did not have full status of wife. Her children were said to have been sent away, which was not proper of a full marriage. It is assumed that she had been brought in while Sarah was still alive because they had children and any children after Sarah died would’ve been more of a miracle than Isaac.
  • Abraham was the father of many nations but it is through Isaac that the covenant would be realized. This is why we are told of Katurah
  • The torch of carrying on God’s purpose is passed to Isaac
  • The process of election is seen in Abraham having many wives and children but Sarah and Isaac being chosen. Then, Jacob being chosen over Esau.
  • Esau did not seem to place value on spiritual and eternal things
  • God’s choice is not determined by His knowledge of the good works that the chosen will later accomplish. All the chosen had visible faults. At times others appeared more righteous than they.
  • Good works may not be the reason we are chosen but in contrast bad ones are why we go to hell
  • Isaac tried to pass the blessing to Esau like Abraham tried to do with Ishmael but God does not bend His will to the wants of man
  • Rebekah was also wrong because God did not choose Jacob on the basis of discrimination
  • Much the same God did not choose the Jews out of discrimination for the Arabs, which we as Christians are at fault for pampering. We must condone sin no matter who the sinner. The Jews are currently rejecting Christ.

*Link to study on the rest of the chapters in Genesis


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