Genesis 20: Don’t Ever Say Never

*These notes come from Bob Deffinbaugh’s study on Genesis 20 at
  • Even at very low points in the Christian experience, God can use his saints to draw others to Himself
  • Abraham committed again the sin of passing off Sarah as his sister
    *Differences between Ch. 12 and Ch. 20
    Ch. 12                                                          Ch. 20
    Place: Egypt                                              Place: Gerar
    Time: Early Christian                            Time: Late Christian
    King: Pharaoh                                          King: Abimelech
    Rebuke Response: Silence                   Rebuke Response: Excuses
    Result: Left Egypt                                   Result: Stayed in Gerar
  • Even mature saints are plagued with the sins of younger days
  • Abraham lied out of
    • fear of being killed over Sarah
      • strikingly similar to Lot both willing to sacrifice family members to protect themselves
    • explaining she is indeed his sister
    • saying it’s tradition
  • No remorse is expressed, only sorry he got caught
    • explains sin repetition and it being done by his son also
  • We are used by God because of the grace of God, not our faithfulness
  • God kept his promise to Abraham because God is faithful, not because Abraham was

Lessons from the Incident of Abraham

  • The fallibility of saints
    • Christians are not above failure and temptation even after years of walking in the faith
  • Our disobedience is often camouflaged by excuses transparent to all but us
  • Our failures will not keep a person from coming into faith
    • God’s saving is based on His faithfulness not ours
  • Grace of God and eternal security of believer
    • If anyone should have lost salvation, it was Abraham
  • Isaac, the promise of God, we would have expected to have been conceived in a high point of Abraham’s faith on his walk with God, but he was not. We would have at least expected Abraham’s unbelief to have been conquered but no. In fact, Abraham never even acknowledged the sinfulness of his actions.
    • Gifts of God’s grace, not rewards for works

*Link to study on the rest of the chapters in Genesis


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