Genesis 19:What a Difference a Day Makes

*These notes come from Bob Deffinbaugh’s study on Genesis 19 at
  • Lot goes from a city councilman to a caveman in one day
  • Cities are not portrayed well in the Bible, but the problem is not with the city but with the soul
  • Lot was unable to save his whole family because he had not been outwordly speaking/living the faith and they did not believe his words of warning
  • Abraham pleads for the good of others and Lot pleads for himself
    • It was Abraham’s faithfulness and not Lot’s that saved him
  • Lot is passive
  • The two nations that come from Lot were a pain to Abraham and his descendants
  • How do our cities compare to Sodom?
  • Lot may have been a believer, but not a disciple. He tried to keep one foot in the world and the other with the faithful
    • still because he believed he was saved by Abraham like we are saved by Jesus, not ourselves
  • While both Lot and Jesus lived among sinners, the difference is Jesus spoke out against it and Lot did not. Salvation was also not spoken of.
    • Lot’s problem was not living in the world, but in living of it
  • Daughters learned from Lot to set aside morality for practicality, making Lot to blame for their actions
    • many sins of children are not learned from the world but from their parents
  • We are not called to flee from the world but to live in the world with Christ

*Link to study on the rest of the chapters in Genesis


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