Genesis 18: Marks of Maturity

*These notes come from Bob Deffinbaugh’s study on Genesis 18 at
  • Chapter 16 shows Abraham’s faith failing but chapter 18 is a contrast showing it having grown. Chapter 18 is also a contrast to chapter 19 which shows the failures of Lot which were sewn in chapter 13
  • God with Abraham in progression: spoken directly to through a spokesman to by a vision to one appearance to now as an ordinary man accompanied by two angelic beings
  • Both Abraham and Sarah laughed when hearing God’s word
  • Delay in birth of Isaac was to develop the faith of Abraham and Sarah
  • High point of Abraham’s faith is his intercession with the Lord for the sparing of righteous in Sodom
    • 1st boldness seen from Abraham, remember he had previously been described as passive
  • 10 may have been the number of Lot’s family but it turned out there were only three worth saving upon inspection

Marks of Christian Maturity

  • The mature christian becomes less dependent upon the spectacular manifestations of God and more involved in intimate day to day fellowship
    • we see this in our relationships as in the beginning we focus on spectacular activities but overtime we become intimate and just hang out at home
  • Christian maturity shifts our attention from self to others
    • love of God reflects itself in our concern for others
  • Christian maturity balances activity and passivity
  • Mature christians view prophecy as an incentive to diligent prayer adn service, not a matter of mere intellectual curiosity
  • Mature christians have a clear grasp of two eternal truths: thre greatness of God and the goodness of God
    • Every time we worry about the future we reject the truth that God is all-powerful
    • God is far greater than all that is revealed about Him in scripture
      • God will deal justly (What happens when a baby dies? What happens to those who were never told of God?)
  • Christian maturity is evidenced when our thoughts are like God’s
    • Abraham did not change God’s mind but God told him his plan so Abraham could demonstrate his mercy/love
  • Lest we feel guilty at realizing we do not measure up to Abraham remember this point: it took him a lifetime to reach and he would also continue making mistakes

*Link to study on the rest of the chapters in Genesis


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