Genesis 13: Lot Looks Out for Number One

*These notes come from Bob Deffinbaugh’s study on Genesis 13 at
  • Abram and Lot started out inseperable, even though God commanded Abram to seperate from his family. Eventually they did separate because:
    • Both were successful shepards and there wasn’t room for both
    • their herdsmen were fighting
    • their land was also shared with other
      *One way or the other God’s will is going to be done

      • Abram was told to seperate first on principle and later had to because of practicality
      • God will create the need for obedience
    • They sepearted to preserve their brotherhood
  • Lot chose the Jordan Valley because you did not have to live by faith there – it was abundant with water
    • selfish decision. Lot could have chosen the river as the dividing point, but he chose the whole valley
    • Lot’s initial intention was not to live in the city but once his direction was set, that’s where he ended up
      • Material prosperity should never be sought at the cost of spiritual peril
    • Lot paid the price through his family – wife turned to salt and daughters committed incest
  • The dusty earth of Abram’s land was a symbol of future blessings of generations
  • We must decide whether to trust in the sovereignty of God or our own desires
  • Abraham represents the meek (inherit the earth) adn the peacembakers (sons of God)
  • We must find salvation in God, not in us

*Link to study on the rest of the chapters in Genesis


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