Genesis 12: When Faith Fails

*These notes come from Bob Deffinbaugh’s study on Genesis 12 at
  • Worry and fear are failures of faith
  • Suffering and trials are a part of God’s curriculum in faith

Lying About his Relationship with Sarai

  • Her beauty was good reason to fear the fate of being a foreigner, as Abraham was trying to not be killed
  • Posing as his sister, they could do their business in the land while stalling any marriage proposals with the normal time length

The Wrongness of the Plan

  • Ignored presence and power of God in their life
  • jeopardized the purity of his wife and the promise of God
  • He looked to his wife to bring him blessing when God was supposed to bring it to others through him.
  • He was clinging to his wife for protection rather than God
  • His fears were hypothetical and his ethics were situational. Sinful deception began before danger was ever experienced. Abraham’s fears caused the problem

Beautification Timeline for Pharaoh’s Women

  • 12 months
    • 6 months oil of myrrh
    • 6 months spices and cosmetics
      *She would only go to the king that once, unless he called for her again


  • When God promises the ends, He also provides the means
  • Our faith fails because our perception of God is too small
  • Situational ethics are wrong because it refuses to believe in the sovereign God
  • We are never asked to sin to complete God’s purpose
  • There are no shortcuts to Godliness
  • When our faith fails, God doesn’t

*Abraham never rejected God, he just doubted.

*Link to study on the rest of the chapters in Genesis


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